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Why is it necessary to test for sewer or water leak(s) under the slab?

Answer: Because of the expansion/contraction clay soils we have in the North Texas Area, which expands when wet, and contract when dry, an undetected or un-repaired water source which is left under the slab, can/will at some point cause a problem to the foundation structure of the home.

When should a plumbing sewer and water test be done?

Answer: Anytime foundation work is done on a concrete slab, during lifting and leveling it is always possible plumbing pipes could be pulled apart causing a leak. Even after repairs, an undetected and/or unrepaired leak can cause problems to the foundation structure. Therefore we recommend testing under the following circumstances.

  1. Prior to any foundation repair work (Pre Sewer & Water Test)
  2. Prior to any mud jacking/pumping foundation work (MJ Sewer & Water Test)
  3. After and foundation repair work (Final Sewer & Water Test)
  4. Re-occurring sewer pipe stoppage problems
  5. Higher than usual water bills
  6. Prior to the purchase of a home
  7. Preventative maintenance testing is also a good idea. (Recommended at least once yearly)

Wouldn't I know if there were leaks under the home?

Answer: With a fresh water plumbing leak, no more than a few months after a leak would develop; you would be alerted to the leak with higher than usual water bills. The problem is with a sewer leak; there is no measuring device or system, measuring the amount of use per month. The sewer pipes are 2 to 3 feet under the slab with dirt and concrete on top. There are also concrete perimeter beams all the way around the exterior of the home. With this known, any evidence of the leak will only come in the form of structural damage to the home, and at that point it will be too late. We call these leaks "Silent Killers".
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