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It's time to get a new water heater if:
The tank leaks, you hear a rumbling noise, the efficiency is down from where it was previously. 

The toilet needs repair:
If its leaking from the tank or the base. Also, 
if you hear a vibrating noise when flushed. 

The garbage disposal suddenly stops:
Check the plug under the sink to see if it's still plugged in the electrical outlet. If any object falls into the disposal, DO NOT attempt to remove it on your own. A plumber must be called 

How to find a leaking pipe
You can follow the sound to the source. If the wall is already stained then you will likely need to remove part of the wall to find it.

If the leak is major, please turn off the water right away by using either the fixture shutoff valve or main shutoff valve. You can wrap a rubber blanket over the leak with a clamp, or some epoxy putty around the leak. Then call us right away and we'll be happy to take it from there.

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When your post-meal cleanup is small, soak dishes in a basin of soapy water (or half of a double-sided sink). Then use the faucet to rinse only. You'll save water and time
 Water Saving Tip #12 
Soak Dishes and Save Water!
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